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We can meet the demand for ornamental fish around the world and provide special requests with the best prices and the best quality fish!

Provide aquarium, accessories, pump, filter machines, and fish pond equipment.

Providing various kinds of ornamental fish, both fresh water and sea water.

We Make An Aquarium That Spoils The Eyes

We are importers and distributors of the most complete and cheapest aquarium equipment! The price you get is the first hand price. We serve Aquascape Design Services and Maintenance Services. Our service and support is professional because we make the whole of the existing ecosystem, from the aquarium to all the life support equipment of the ecosystem. Our team can provide the expertise and time for service that you don’t get anywhere else. Services are available for housing, offices, malls, hospitals and others. The services we provide – new installations, redesign services, maintenance services and aquascape consulting services. You just have to enjoy it.

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Providing the most complete and reliable variety of ornamental fish

There are various types of freshwater and seawater ornamental fish such as goldfish, betta, koi, louhan, manfish, lemon fish, botia clown, black ghost, arapaima, guppies, molly, sword fish, oranda, discus, ranchu, neon tetra, fish palmas, arapaima, bala shark etc.

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We serve aquarium design and installation.

Food Fish

We provide supplements and food for fish

We Provide Special Sevices

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Consult the type of fish according to your needs and tastes.

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Serving orders for aquarium product and various ornamental fish.

Aquarium Accessories

We provide various aquarium accessories such as filters, aerators, air divider valves, etc.


You don't have time to take care of your aquarium at home or at the office? We can help you.

Some of Our Ornamental Fish Collection

Some types of marine and fresh fish that we provide

“This beautiful fish with many beautiful ornaments on its body is one of the tame types of fish”

Koi FIsh

“This ornamental fish belongs to high class fish, that’s why discus fish with a perfect appearance can be valued very highly for each tail.”

Discus Fish

“The name Black Ghost fish comes from the shape of the fish which is completely black in color.This ornamental fish is also often referred to as a ballet dancer fish.”

Black Ghost Fish

“The shape of this seawater ornamental fish is very unique The bluish pattern with white spots from this type of marine ornamental fish can spoil your eyes.”

Blue Devil

“This seawater ornamental fish has a strong body so it is easy to maintain. The movement of this type of marine ornamental fish is also quite aggressive, making it pleasing to the eye.”

Watchman Gobies

“The face of this seawater ornamental fish has a blue pattern and there is also a yellow color. This is what causes this marine ornamental fish to be called Blueface or yellowface angelfish.”