Dwarf Cichlid

Dwarf cichlids prefer aquaria with plenty of hard-leafed plants. They are generally shy, except when they’re breeding, and are considered ideal for community tanks, though they should not be placed with other, non-dwarf, cichlids or other boisterous or aggressive species. When setting up a tank for Dwarf Cichlids, keep in mind that you will want […]


Tropheus is a small genus of cichlids endemic to Lake Tanganyika in East Africa. It is popular with aquarium hobbyists due to the beautiful markings. The genus is widespread across all regions of Lake Tanganyika, from Burundi in the north to Zambia in the south. Males and females are relatively similar. Males are typically larger […]

Tanganyika Cichlid

There are more than 250 species of Lake Tanganyika cichlids that have been identified, in a wide variety of colors and patterns. Like all rift valley cichlids, the Tanganyika cichlids generally like to be homed in a rocky environment. Almost all (98%) of the Tanganyika cichlids are endemic to the lake and it is thus […]

Malawi Cichlid

This family is both large and diverse. At least 1,650 species have been scientifically described, making it one of the largest vertebrate families. New species are discovered annually, and many species remain undescribed. The actual number of species is therefore unknown, with estimates varying between 2,000 and 3,000. Cichlids are popular freshwater fish kept in […]